Iowa Donor Network and Local Transplant Centers Achieve Healthy ROI from TXP Chat™ Organ Transplant Coordination Platform

Learn More Efficient Transplantation Processes in Your DSA! 

 TXP Chat™ delivers significant clinical engagement, reduction of redundant phone calls, increases in productivity, and improvement in information timeliness and accuracy. Confidence in your mission critical tools give you peace of mind. How can your Organ Procurement Organization or Transplant Center achieve HIPAA compliant communication and increase clinical engagement while improving productivity? Learn more below!






About the author:

Eric Pahl is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Iowa School of Health Informatics, CoFounder & CTO of HealthTech Solutions, and a leading innovator in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to organ transplantation and the intelligent assistance of surgeons and organ procurement professionals.

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